Welcome to Terminal by Afterthought System.

Welcome to the Terminal by Afterthought System Documentation site!

Terminal was originally created back in early July 2018 and later converted into a multi-community system in July 2019. We are known for our drag & drop dispatching system, amazing user interface, and user experience, and the ability to scale whenever communities need to.
For those who are new, our plans start at $0/mo and you can get started here.
For our existing users, check out our help guides and tips to secure your account.
For our community owners, we recommend you check out our Custom Email Setup feature and join our Discord server after sending us your username and tag.

What is Terminal?

Terminal is our CAD/MDT system for those gaming communities that focus on roleplaying. This service provides a realistic Computer Aided Dispatching system for those players that roleplay as public safety dispatchers. We also have two different types of Mobile Data Terminals where players can roleplay as a law enforcement officer or as a firefighter, EMT.

Getting Started with Terminal

We try to make setting up terminal as painless as possible. Once you have selected one of our four plans and made a purchase, the system will bring you through the steps you need to complete. If you don't have the time to set up terminal right away, no problem! We send you an email right after the purchase process with a setup link that only you can access.

Keeping up with new updates

You can keep up with new updates published onto terminal by clicking the changelog link below. Our changelog is currently hosted within this same documentation site.