🆕Bulk Street Name Upload
The purpose of this documentation is to guide you through how to upload custom street names in bulk instead of one-by-one.

Getting Started

To get started, make sure you have prepared a CSV file with the street names you want to add to your community.
1. Make a copy of this Google Sheet.
2. Input all of the street names you would like to add to Column A as shown below.
3. Once you are ready to start uploading the street names, in the Google Sheet, click File > Download > Comma Separated Values as shown below
4. Make sure your community is on Custom Streets mode, you can change this setting by heading over to your community admin panel > Community Settings, then toggle Custom Streets as shown below.

Uploading CSV

To start uploading your CSV, simply click the Upload CSV button. A popup will appear with the option for you to upload your CSV file. Once you have uploaded your CSV file, you'll need to map fields. For Street Names, select Street Name from the dropdown as shown below.
Once you finish mapping the fields, click the Upload button. From there, your files will automatically be uploaded. Depending on how many street names you are trying to upload, the upload time may vary.

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